How It Works

Non-Profit Organizations

Contact Us
Send us your needs and wants for your website along with any drawings, pictures, and articles that will help us understand your desires. Anything you send to us will be kept confidential and never shown to anyone outside of our business. If you decide to not need our services then everything you send to us will be deleted permanently.
Our Proposal
We will send you a proposal within 5 business days detailing the viability, timeline, and costs of the website. Most Non-Profit projects come at no cost; however, some requests in your design may be more difficult than they seem and we will tell you in detail what may and may not be recommended. We also may ask for more pictures and text for the website.
Design Agreement
We may spend some time with you via phone or video call to discuss your website. When our discussions are complete and you are satisfied with our proposal, we will agree to a project and begin the design and the construction of the website.
Design and Development
The time needed to complete the website will vary based on your requests as well as our project backlog. We try to help as many non-profit organizations as possible with as high of quality as we possible can. Most projects can be completed within 1 week to 1 month. We treat non-profit projects as first come first serve, so no other project will ever be put in front of your project.
Presentation and Completion
When we complete the website, we will send you a link to a preview of the website that no one else can see. We give some time to check for any changes you might want to add or remove. When you are satisfied with the website we will send it live for the whole world to see.