Web Design for Non-Profit and Small Businesses

What Is Blossom

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Blossom is a web design and development agency for small businesses and non-profit organizations. We build our websites tailored to the needs and desires of our clients without the use of site-builders such as WordPress or SquareSpace. At Blossom, your website is as precious to us as a young plant sprout that needs our nourishment and care.

Fast Response

We build your website on a globally distributed CDN, allowing for quick connections to anywhere in the world.

Clean Aesthetics

At Blossom, we believe that clear communication of your products and services to your clients is a top priority.

Responsive Design

The website we make for you will work on any screen size from phones to large computer monitors.

Low As Possible Pricing

Non-Profit: $0 Per Month

Small Business: $100 Starting Per Month

Our prices are designed to be as low as possible. All packages include a minimum of a 3 page website and web hosting. Special features can be added as needed.

The website address, all pictures, and all text belong to you and only you.

No security deposit, no cancellation fees.


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Nam-Quang Temple
Launched January 2021
Nam-Quang Temple is a Vietnamese Buddhist temple serving the east Portland area for over 30 years.
Zien Hong Restaurant
Launched November 2020
Zien Hong Restaurant is a local chinese-vietnamese business that opened in the early 80s. We re-designed their entire website.
Launched February 2021
ScrapMeals is a non-profit project website that aims to reduce food waste.

Blossom Web Design

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Blossom Web Design started as a hometown development agency created to help those struggling businesses and organizations affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic. With business and general in-person traffic declining during the lockdown, it was more essential than ever for smaller institutions to have an online presence.

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